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Selected Other Publications

Journal Articles


Salamon, S."`Male Chauvinism' as a Manifestation of Love in Marriage," Journal of Asian and African Studies 10(1-2):20-31, 1975. Reprinted in: D. W. Plath, Editor, Adult Episodes in Japan,1975, and T. S. Lebra and W. P. Lebra, Editors, Japanese Culture and Behavior,1986.


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Salamon, S. and J.B. Tornatore. "Territory Contested through Property in a Midwestern Post-Agricultural Community."  Rural Sociology 59(4): 636-654, 1994. Reprinted in The Sociology of the Environment.  G. Crow, Editor. UK:  Edward Elgar Reference Collection, 1996.


Salamon, S., R. G. Farnsworth, D. L. Bullock, and R. Yusuf. "Family Factors Affecting Adoption of Sustainable Farming Systems." Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 52(4): 265-271, 1997.


Salamon, S., R. G. Farnsworth and J. Rendziak. "Is Locally Led Conservation Planning Working? A Farm Town Case Study."  Rural Sociology 63(2): 214-234, 1998.


MacTavish, K. A., M. L. Eley, and S. Salamon. "Housing Vulnerability Among Rural Trailer Park Households."  Georgetown Journal of Poverty Law & Policy 13(1): 95-117, 2006.



Book Chapters


Salamon, S. "Ethnic Determinants of Farm Community Character."  In Farm Work and Fieldwork: American Agriculture in Anthropological Perspective.  M. Chibnick, Editor, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1987.


Salamon,S. and K. Davis-Brown. "Farm Continuity and Female Land Inheritance:  A Family Dilemma."  In Women and Farming:  Changing Roles, Changing Structures, W. G. Haney and J. B. Knowles, Editors, Boulder: Westview Press, 1988.


Salamon, S. "Ethnicity and Contrasting Cultural Beliefs about Sustainable Agriculture."  In Sustainable Agriculture in the American Midwest: Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future. McIsaac and Edwards, Editors, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1994.


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